Our Mixers are crafted in small batches in Oregon, using meticulously selected, fresh and Organic ingredients, including Organic horseradish that we grind fresh on the day of production for our Bloody Mary's, to using 100% Organic Juices and Agave in our Margaritas.  Attention to detail and quality is something you can taste and certain to elevate your cocktails from compromise into classic.


At Mary's we take your drinking seriously. Each mix is crafted with care using only premium ingredients to ensure the quality and taste are superb. We create cocktail mixes so good you feel like you’re having a drink at the best bar in town, without leaving the comfort of your home. If you’re tired of over-processed mixes and you’re looking for a fresh start, Mary's is your choice.


Our founder, Greg Dorros, started tending bar professionally at age 16 (it was Switzerland in the ‘80s, and that was cool then).  After growing up all around Asia and the Pacific, he attended Hotel and Restaurant school in Geneva, and went on to tend and manage bars from Switzerland to NYC. His widely-traveled life among eclectic cultures and flavors gave him a passion for creating new and interesting tastes, and his profession gave him an opportunity to apply them specifically to cocktails. His Bloody Marys & Margaritas were particularly legendary among friends and customers alike; he had a knack for turning this cocktail known as specialty brunch drink into a full-time best-seller.


No messing around…  We use only the finest of high quality ingredients in all of our mixes.  From grinding Organic Horseradish the day we produce our Bloodies to making our own Pickle Brine.   Our Margarita’s have rare citrus and other exotic fruit flavors that we import from around the world.  We pride ourselves in being able to capture these unique flavors and bottle their freshness perfectly so that you can enjoy them with your favorite spirit or just on their own.